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George Solonos is an awarded Film Composer, Producer and Guitarist based in Los Angeles, California. His career counts more than 15 years in the industry and is associated with a plethora of artists including Tommy Lee (Motley Crue, Methods of Meyhem), Scott Humphrey, Quincy Jones, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Boy George and Antony Costa (Blue) .

As a Film Composer, Solonos was awarded with "Best Score" in 2018 at the Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest, for composing the music for short film "Bad Habits". Other works include "DonkeyXote" (Winner of the Montreal Film Festival), "Chinatown - The Three Shelters", "Heavenly Deposit" Feat. George Vincent, "Bad Habits" (Official Selection at the Berlin Idependent Film Festival) and additional music for "Apple of my Eye" (starring Burt Reynolds, Liam Mcintyre and Amy Smart). More details about George Solonos - Film Composer available at and at his IMDB Profile.

As a Producer and Guitarist, Solonos is featured in albums such as Methods of Mayhem's - "A Public Disservice Announcement", Chantz's - "Stories of Me", "WolfPakk" (an all-star project featuring Iron Maiden's Blaze Bailey, Paul Di-Anno and Judas Priest's Tim "Ripper" Owens). He is also the main songwriter, guitarist and producer for rock bands Sulphur Generation, Marianne's Wish and Barebone.

George's academic qualifications include an awarded distinction for Masters Degree in Music Production (Leeds College of Music, UK).

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Selected album releases:

Selected music samples

  1. Marianne's Wish: "Another Machine"
  2. Barebone: "Edge Of The Blade"
  3. DropTheEye: "Budapest"
  4. Extra Curricular: "Here We Go"
  5. Tribe Solar: "Boom Box Radio"
  6. Naughty Claudia: "Come Out & Play"
  7. Sulphur Generation: "Wish I Could Cry"
  8. ZTF feat. Ghetto Flex: "Coconut Man"
  9. Chinatown - "Cleo's Song"
  10. Chantz: "Let the Good Times Roll"
  11. G. Solonos and J. Waugh: "Pleiades"
  12. Methods of Mayhem: "Talk me off the ledge"
  13. C. Lemesios: "Adorine"
  14. Boy George: "Do you Really Want to Hurt Me" (Remix)
  15. J. Waugh and G. Solonos: "Smoke and Mirrors"

This playlist features samples of George Solonos' work as a music producer, composer and/or guitarist. More details on his collaborations with various artists are available here. Highlights include:

AS A PRODUCER: George has collaborated with Boy George for the remix of Culture Club's No.1 hit song "Do you really want to hurt me" (Track 14).

AS A GUITARIST: George has collaborated with Motley Crue's Tommy Lee and producer Scott Humphrey for a Methods of Mayhem album. See video. He also played in Chantz's album, "Stories of Me", that features the track "Let the Good Times Roll", produced and arranged by Quincy Jones (Track 10).

AS A COMPOSER: George co-wrote and co-produced Amarina's first studio album, of which the song "Kathe Fora" made it to the Top 10 in Greece in 2001.


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